Thursday, June 20, 2013

Melting Pot

There has been a lot going on in sports the past few days, and instead of witting seperate blogs I want to comment all in one.

There are three things I want to talk about. Stanley Cup, NBA Championship, and Aaron Hernandez.

First, the Bruins lost a heart breaker last night 6-5 as the series gets tied in a third overtime game (most in final history.)  The Bruins went down by a goal somewhat early, retied the game, went down by two, scored, the Hawks got that goal back, scored 2 goals, and sent the game into over time.

In the overtime there were a lot of chance for the Bruins to score in OT, and what seems to be a pattern for the Bruins is not being able to finish. They seemed to miss on perfect chances, and could not take a series lead.

Either the Bruins love to make things interesting, and keep you on the edge of your seat, or they jave a real problem.

This goes back all the way to the Toronto series where they were up in the series and let Toronto take them to game 7 and had to come back from 3 goals down to win in over time.

I had thought we wouldn't see anything like that again after sweeping the Penguins, but I guess that was too much of a good thing for them to handle. The most frustrating thing is that I feel that the Bruins have been the better team in every game, mainly Tuukka Rask has been better then Corey Crawford, and the Bruins D has stopped a lot of pucks from getting to Rask. Chicago took advantage of mistakes and were able to put away game 4

The series has gone from a must win for Chicago to a must win for Boston. With two games left in Chicago the Bruins are forced to try and win game 5 and then hope to win the cup at home.

Regardless, I do not like waiting two more days before the next game.

Okay, so the NBA Finals. I never really watch Basketball, because the game just doesn't really hold my attention, and the refs just aggravate me more then any other sport.

Well two nights ago I saw that the Spurs were uop by 15 when I turned the game on they were up by 10, and then I change the channel come back and the game is tied..... Okay so the heat come back into the game good for them, makes it more interesting. SO the game gets a little back and fourth, Parker makes a 3, gets a steal, gets two and the Spurs go up by 5.

Unfortunately, after choking on a couple plays, LBJ  did bring his team back, and then Ray being Ray makes a clutch 3, and so on, so the game goes to OT and I'm chomping at the bit hoping the Spurs can pull it out, and I'm actually enjoying the game.

THEN, I am reminded why I do not watch the NBA. Ginobali goes for a lay up, and he gets fouled. This isn't just a slap of a wrist foul, Allen practically intentionally fouls him... NO CALL????? are they serious? I can not believe it! I start flipping out, posting on FB and just yelling at the TV.

In my personal opinion the NBA will do ANYTHING to get ratings, and keep the cash flow coming in. Oh and how could I forget exploiting LeBron for all he's worth. I wouldn't be surprised if they just hand him another championship. I think I will just get my text message update on tonights winner, I can't watch this happen again.... Oh and by the way STOP CALLING THE HEAT PLAYERS THE BIG 3!!! It's a Celtics term. 

Now, on Aaron Hernandez. He was questioned on a murder that happened near his home in North Attleboro. Now all kinds of reports are coming out about incidents he's been involved in in CT and RI. Everything is speculation as of right now but this is a problem with NFL players.

We see it every off season. I feel like every week there's a player getting in trouble, or being involved in a police investigation. If you even feel that something bad is going to go down, get out of there. If you say, "it's my boys, I got to have their backs," that's no excuse if your "boys" are pulling you into this crap they clearly don't care about you and your career.

These players work their butts off to get to the NFL,  and they let it all go down the drain by getting involved in stupid stuff.

So those are my thoughts today just thought I throw that out there.

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  1. Some very good points there. Also, Bruins should feel better about the goals Rask gave up considering the Bruin's defense played poorly. Rask made the saves but the defense seemed slow to get the puck out of the crease. However, Blackhawk's fans should be worried due to the fact that Crawford struggled with shots to the glove side. All of the Bruin's goals were scored glove side. Some not even glove side high, a few were under the glove. Therefore, I expect the defense of the black and yellow to have a better game come Saturday.