Saturday, June 22, 2013

World War Z Movie Review

World War Z was not just a great movie for Zombie lovers its a good movie period

World War Z Follows Gerry (Brad Pitt) a former U.N. Investigator, through a world that has started to become over run with zombies. While in Philadelphia, Gerry and his family witness people attacking each and those bitten turn into something else. Gerry gets a call from his old boss who says they will keep Gerry's family safe as long as he helps find the cause of the outbreak. Gerry goes on a mission to keep his family, and what's left of the world safe.

The movie stayed true to some of the stories from the book. The stories are just now told through Gerry's eyes so that the audience can follow what is happening in the places Gerry visits. It worked out well even though they obviously could not tell every story, I think they hit the major points.

`The story telling in the movie worked well, there was never a dull moment, even if people were just trying to move quietly, viewers were on the edge of their seat

I felt the human reactions in the film were very realistic. Gerry taught us some great ways to reduce chances of being bit by taping magazines to his arms. He also made a great household weapon by taping a knife to the end of his rifle.

One scene that related viewers to the world of the film was a scene in which Gerry and his family head to a pharmacy. In the pharmacy Gerry's wife is being taken away by some men, and Gerry shoots one of them. A cop comes running into the store, and Gerry throws his hands up in surrender, and the cop runs by, and starts grabbing supplies. This scene shows the desperation in the entire population.

The effects of the movie captured the mass number of zombies, and their actions.

There were multiple scenes in which zombies had bad run ins with aircraft. First off, the zombies were seen dumped out of the back of a military plane, then there are zombies hanging off a helicopter like monkey's in a barrel, and then zombies, are sucked right out of a plane. The effects in the scenes were handled so well, but the most mesmerizing scene takes place at the wall built around Jerusalem.

There is a lot of singing and noise going on inside the walls, and as us zombie lovers know noise can be your worst enemy. As the music gets louder, viewers see zombies throwing themselves at the wall, and a mountain of zombies form until they start to make it over the wall. It was amazing to just see the pile grow, like a wave crashing off of a sea wall.

The only thing about the movie that bothered me a little bit was the superhuman characteristics of the zombies. They seemed to be able to jump really far and run faster then the humans. In my opinion, and what I think Max Brooks says in The Zombie Survival Guide, is that zombies are decaying bodies, so there for the way they ran and jumped in this film seem to be unrealistic to the definition of zombies.

I would definitely recommend you go and see World War Z, it is full of action and does stick with the book, as long as you don't mind the crew trimming a lot of the fat, by that I mean doing what all books- to movies have to do and cutting the content way down. You'll be on the edge of your seat, maybe cry, maybe have one or two laughs at the Chomper zombie, (you'll see) but all together you won't regret buying your ticket.

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