Saturday, June 22, 2013

World War Z Movie Review

World War Z was not just a great movie for Zombie lovers its a good movie period

World War Z Follows Gerry (Brad Pitt) a former U.N. Investigator, through a world that has started to become over run with zombies. While in Philadelphia, Gerry and his family witness people attacking each and those bitten turn into something else. Gerry gets a call from his old boss who says they will keep Gerry's family safe as long as he helps find the cause of the outbreak. Gerry goes on a mission to keep his family, and what's left of the world safe.

The movie stayed true to some of the stories from the book. The stories are just now told through Gerry's eyes so that the audience can follow what is happening in the places Gerry visits. It worked out well even though they obviously could not tell every story, I think they hit the major points.

`The story telling in the movie worked well, there was never a dull moment, even if people were just trying to move quietly, viewers were on the edge of their seat

I felt the human reactions in the film were very realistic. Gerry taught us some great ways to reduce chances of being bit by taping magazines to his arms. He also made a great household weapon by taping a knife to the end of his rifle.

One scene that related viewers to the world of the film was a scene in which Gerry and his family head to a pharmacy. In the pharmacy Gerry's wife is being taken away by some men, and Gerry shoots one of them. A cop comes running into the store, and Gerry throws his hands up in surrender, and the cop runs by, and starts grabbing supplies. This scene shows the desperation in the entire population.

The effects of the movie captured the mass number of zombies, and their actions.

There were multiple scenes in which zombies had bad run ins with aircraft. First off, the zombies were seen dumped out of the back of a military plane, then there are zombies hanging off a helicopter like monkey's in a barrel, and then zombies, are sucked right out of a plane. The effects in the scenes were handled so well, but the most mesmerizing scene takes place at the wall built around Jerusalem.

There is a lot of singing and noise going on inside the walls, and as us zombie lovers know noise can be your worst enemy. As the music gets louder, viewers see zombies throwing themselves at the wall, and a mountain of zombies form until they start to make it over the wall. It was amazing to just see the pile grow, like a wave crashing off of a sea wall.

The only thing about the movie that bothered me a little bit was the superhuman characteristics of the zombies. They seemed to be able to jump really far and run faster then the humans. In my opinion, and what I think Max Brooks says in The Zombie Survival Guide, is that zombies are decaying bodies, so there for the way they ran and jumped in this film seem to be unrealistic to the definition of zombies.

I would definitely recommend you go and see World War Z, it is full of action and does stick with the book, as long as you don't mind the crew trimming a lot of the fat, by that I mean doing what all books- to movies have to do and cutting the content way down. You'll be on the edge of your seat, maybe cry, maybe have one or two laughs at the Chomper zombie, (you'll see) but all together you won't regret buying your ticket.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Melting Pot

There has been a lot going on in sports the past few days, and instead of witting seperate blogs I want to comment all in one.

There are three things I want to talk about. Stanley Cup, NBA Championship, and Aaron Hernandez.

First, the Bruins lost a heart breaker last night 6-5 as the series gets tied in a third overtime game (most in final history.)  The Bruins went down by a goal somewhat early, retied the game, went down by two, scored, the Hawks got that goal back, scored 2 goals, and sent the game into over time.

In the overtime there were a lot of chance for the Bruins to score in OT, and what seems to be a pattern for the Bruins is not being able to finish. They seemed to miss on perfect chances, and could not take a series lead.

Either the Bruins love to make things interesting, and keep you on the edge of your seat, or they jave a real problem.

This goes back all the way to the Toronto series where they were up in the series and let Toronto take them to game 7 and had to come back from 3 goals down to win in over time.

I had thought we wouldn't see anything like that again after sweeping the Penguins, but I guess that was too much of a good thing for them to handle. The most frustrating thing is that I feel that the Bruins have been the better team in every game, mainly Tuukka Rask has been better then Corey Crawford, and the Bruins D has stopped a lot of pucks from getting to Rask. Chicago took advantage of mistakes and were able to put away game 4

The series has gone from a must win for Chicago to a must win for Boston. With two games left in Chicago the Bruins are forced to try and win game 5 and then hope to win the cup at home.

Regardless, I do not like waiting two more days before the next game.

Okay, so the NBA Finals. I never really watch Basketball, because the game just doesn't really hold my attention, and the refs just aggravate me more then any other sport.

Well two nights ago I saw that the Spurs were uop by 15 when I turned the game on they were up by 10, and then I change the channel come back and the game is tied..... Okay so the heat come back into the game good for them, makes it more interesting. SO the game gets a little back and fourth, Parker makes a 3, gets a steal, gets two and the Spurs go up by 5.

Unfortunately, after choking on a couple plays, LBJ  did bring his team back, and then Ray being Ray makes a clutch 3, and so on, so the game goes to OT and I'm chomping at the bit hoping the Spurs can pull it out, and I'm actually enjoying the game.

THEN, I am reminded why I do not watch the NBA. Ginobali goes for a lay up, and he gets fouled. This isn't just a slap of a wrist foul, Allen practically intentionally fouls him... NO CALL????? are they serious? I can not believe it! I start flipping out, posting on FB and just yelling at the TV.

In my personal opinion the NBA will do ANYTHING to get ratings, and keep the cash flow coming in. Oh and how could I forget exploiting LeBron for all he's worth. I wouldn't be surprised if they just hand him another championship. I think I will just get my text message update on tonights winner, I can't watch this happen again.... Oh and by the way STOP CALLING THE HEAT PLAYERS THE BIG 3!!! It's a Celtics term. 

Now, on Aaron Hernandez. He was questioned on a murder that happened near his home in North Attleboro. Now all kinds of reports are coming out about incidents he's been involved in in CT and RI. Everything is speculation as of right now but this is a problem with NFL players.

We see it every off season. I feel like every week there's a player getting in trouble, or being involved in a police investigation. If you even feel that something bad is going to go down, get out of there. If you say, "it's my boys, I got to have their backs," that's no excuse if your "boys" are pulling you into this crap they clearly don't care about you and your career.

These players work their butts off to get to the NFL,  and they let it all go down the drain by getting involved in stupid stuff.

So those are my thoughts today just thought I throw that out there.

Monday, June 17, 2013

NHL Relocation

I have spent the past few days thinning about this, and I am excited. I have been reading an article from Forbes trying to find out some money information about the NHL because I want to talk about some relocating in the NHL. There are a lot of teams not doing well financially, and a big reason is because of their location.

The five most profitable teams are the Toronto maple leafs, Rangers, Canadians, Bruins, Red Wings and Blackhawks. Which makes sense due to the fact they are all original six teams in good sized COLD markets.

What was interesting to me was that some of the teams in the bottom 5 weren't from the warmer areas. Like the Islanders who do not pull in much money, possibly due to the Rangers consistency as o ne of the top teams in the NHL. Columbus is also a place I would expect hockey to do well but it's not working out that way. Some teams that I expected to be sitting in the bottom five are Phoenix, and Carolina.

Here's is where we start this party. Some of the teams in the lower markets could benefit from a location change. Let's start with Phoenix. The team is playing in Glendale Arizona.... A hockey team in the DESERT???? Wonder why they aren't very profitable, I mean the games must sell tickets just for people to escape the heat. The team has been on the verge of a relocation, but the past 2 years they have been payed for to stay, and they have no owner the NHL had been running the team.

Although they are not in the bottom five, I believe Nashville is not the place for a team either Truly if it doesn't snow at least 5-6 times a winter, there shouldn't be a hockey team there.

There are a few teams that could benefit from a move, and there are cities that are looking to pick up a team, so why not get these teams to a city that wants them.

Seattle has a built a new arena, and while looking to get their Super Sonics back they would love an NHL team. Portland Oregon is looking to find a team to share the spotlight with the Trail Blazers. Amateur hockey thrives out there so why not give them an NHL team, It won't hurt. Another city looking for a team is Quebec City. Moving an NHL franchise to the great white north can never be a bad idea.

Some other cities that might work are Milwaukee and Hartford Connecticut. Get those Canes back where they belong as the Hartford Whalers, and Milwaukee is cold, and those Wisconsinites love their sports and would probably love to see some pro hockey.

I don't really want to get into what teams should go where, but I think getting the lower market teams a new home could spark the players, and create some competition, such as a rivalry with teams in Seattle and Portland, and a battle for New England with the Bruins and Whalers, if they choose to go back to that name.

It's just something to ponder, for now we will see how the new conferences work out.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Game 2 preview

Saturday Night at 8p.m. We will see the Bruins and Blackhawks play game two of the Stanley Cup Final.

The Hawks took game one in a triple overtime game, after trailing by two goals, the Hawks capitalized on a turnover by Tory Krug, and then a shot bounced off of Bruins defender Andrew Ference, which tied the game.

In game two both teams will look to continue their play from game one. Each team spent a good chunk of time in the offensive zone cycling the puck for shots. Both teams also had a few break away chance, and odd man rushes.

In game one there was a lack of specialty teams due to a total of only six penalties called in the entire game. The Bruins were able to capitalize on their first power play opportunity, but neither team would see a power play goal for the rest of the game.

In game two the Hawks and Bruins will be hoping to get a few more chances on special team play.

The Bruins may be with out their top line's right winger Nathan Horton who is considered day to day with an upper body injury. Horton was seen at practice today, but not with his line. That spot was taken by Tyler Seguin.

The Bruins may need some bounces to go there way after going down 0-1 in a hard fought game one. The team had ample chances to finish the game in OT and either a defenders stick, or an extra move kept the puck from the back of the net.

The goaltenders who put on a show in game one will again show up on their game so both teams will need to be quick and precise in their offensive game while the defenders will be looking to keep every puck from the net.

Clearing the puck out of the defensive zone may be the key to this match up. In game 1 both teams had trouble clearing the zone which resulted in a lot of time in the offensive zones for each team.

If game one was any sign, game two could very likely take more then 60 minutes. What's better then play off hockey? More playoff hockey.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

No Need to Worry

"it's only game 1," said everyone today. This series is off to a brutal  start and set the tone for a relentless series of games.

I'd say the teams are pretty evenly matched seeing as how Chicago's about as lucky as the Bruins are unlucky.

I would NEVER say the Hawks out played the Bruins in that game. I think that Boston looked to be the better team, and I think they had A LOT,,no that's not enough... They had A MEGA TON of chance to win that game and could not capitalize on their chances.

It only takes one scoring chance to win, even if it takes a third OT to get it.

So the Blackhawks took game 1 in Chicago, no big deal there's a whole lot of hockey left.

If you are a Bruins fan, and you are worried let me try to ease that worry.

Lets go back a bit to that goal that made it 3-2

Tory Krug, (rookie) makes a bad pass to the middle of the ice, it is intercepted and then brought in to the zone and one-timered for a goal...

I can guarantee you a nice college boy like Krug will probably never ever make that mistake again in his career. so there you go Chicago, there's one on the house. You're welcome. 

The tying goal, "oh hey johny Oduya, this is Andrew Ference's skate, let me help you out with that tying goal, you'll just owe me own." That's how the game gets tied, and then never ends.

Now lets talk about those Bruins forwards shall we. So Nathan Horton, you clearly weren't feeling you best out there, so maybe you're good chance at the net is forgivable.

Lucic, buddy, you were under pressure looking for the hat trick, we understand you're chance going by it's alright we are still in this.

Seguin i don't really have an excuse for your miss except the whole bounce didn't go your way thing

The only real blame I think to put on a Bruins forward is Mr. Daugavins. That last really good chance the Bruins had, you made one move to many, that was a nice chance for a simple redirect, no need to go to the back hand like that.

As I said before, the game was close. The Bruins were only +2 in face offs, the hits were pretty equal, and there were not a lot of penalties and in a series between two teams who take pride in their penalty kill the Bruins scored the only PP goal and both teams had 3 power plays.

In game 2 I think we will see more of the same both teams will spend a lot of time in their offensive zones, there will be a lot of hits and broken up plays, and maybe the bounces will go the way of the black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thoughts on the Stanley Cup Series

I did a little bit of my journalistic duty, but now it's open editorial time.

I think it is great that two of the original six teams have made it to the final this year, especially since it is their first time meeting to fight for the Cup.  Two of the the greatest sports cities in the U.S. are going head to head and I couldn't be happier, especially since one of those teams is my home town Boston Bruins.

Anyway, here are some things I think we should be looking out for. First off the goal tending.

Chicago's, Corey Crawford has been lights out posting a 1.74 goals against average which is only0.01 better then Boston's tender, Rask who only gave up 2 goals to the high scoring Pittsburgh Penguins.

Both of these goal tenders sat by and watched their teams win Stanley Cups. The Hawks in 2010 and the Bruins the next year.

The Blackhawks will really need to try and shut down Bruin's center David Krecji who leads the team in goals and assists. Krejci really steps up his game in the playoffs much like his goaltender.

Both teams have something to be proud of when it comes to penalty kills the Hawks have stopped 94.7% of their opponents power plays, and the Bruins have stopped 86.5%.  So it will be interesting to see if either teams power play can be effective.

Both teams are tough, but in my opinion the Bruins have the edge. The Bruins will get off more shots, and I think Tuukka will make more of the big saves then Crawford will.

What has been killing the teams that have played the Bruins is that no one can compete with the depth that the team has. I have seen the Bruins fourth line skate with the first line of the Penguins, if Shawn Thorton and Danny Paille can skate with Crosby, then there isn't much they can't handle.

I'm taking the Bruins in six games in this original six match up.

Bruins and Blackhawks

Tonight we will see two of the NHL's Original six teams battle for Lord Stanley's Cup.

Since their creation in 1924, the Bruins have made 17 appearances in the Cup Final. They have won six Cups which is the 4th most of all time, and 2nd among U.S. teams, (Detroit has 11.)

The Blackhawks were founded in 1926 and this will be their 8th appearance and they have won four Cups.

Each team's have held the Cup very recently, the Bruins won in 2011 and the Hawks won the previous year. 

Despite being in the league together for 87 years the two teams have never met in the Stanley Cup Final.

The road so far for both teams has been a rough one.  The Bruins were almost eliminated by the Toronto Maple Leafs, when they overcame a 3 goal deficit  to take the Leafs to overtime where they won on a goal by Patrice Bergeron.

Since then the Bruins had made easy work of the Rangers, winning the series 4-1 and then sweeping the Penguins 4-0.

The Hawks hit a speed bump when they came up against the Detroit Red Wings, whom they beat in 7 games, and then they had their way with last years champions, the L.A. Kings, whom they beat in 5 games. 

The two teams have taken a similar path to get to this point, and two of the leagues original teams playing for the Cup in the age of free agency will be something to see.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Playoff Hockey

     I want to take some time today to salute the NHL playoffs. I am in the midst of watching the Bruins and Penguins series and I just can't hold in my excitement any longer. Ever since I started to have an ambition to be a sports writer I have been paying a lot more attention to every sport. I am from Boston, (well 45 minutes south of Boston) so I have been following the B's my whole life but lately I have been paying closer attention and I have decided that playoff hockey is infact the most dramatic, exciting, and anxiety filled sport in the world.

      I have been considering this since my freshmen year of college and I have watched numerous football, baseball, basketball and hockey playoff games. Nothing has captured my attention and put me on my feet more then NHL playoff games.

    There is just something extra about the NHL playoffs. In football, you get one game and done and you have to wait until next Sunday to see what happens, but with the three other sports you get 7 game series that you can be excited for with maybe a day or two at the most in between.

     Now even thought basketball and baseball play seven game series, there are just things about them that make them less exciting then hockey. First off with basketball, there are just too many points, there is no need to watch anything but the last two minutes, unless a team takes a 30 point lead in the first half, there's really no need to watch the whole thing unless you're a die hard basketball fan. 

    With baseball its sort of similar, the game just moves so slow. I could change the channel for three minutes before the pitcher sets for their next pitch, then they throw a ball or a foul tip keeps the at bat going. I guess I just don't have the attention span for two and a half to three hours of that.

   With hockey though, every trip down the ice is a compelling story. Every shot on goal gets you out of your seat because that one shot can mean the difference of winning or losing the game.

  You also get games like this years Bruins series against Toronto where  the Bruins came back from a 4-l deficit and took the game to OT and won the game. This game, I believe gave them the confidence to get past the Rangers, and to now be holding a 3-0 series lead over the penguins after a double OT game last night.

  SO to recap, there is nothing like the NHL playoffs no sport has had my stomach in knots like it gets during these games. I have never yelled at my TV as much as I do, and I have never felt as satisfied after a win like game 7 in Toronto while watching any other sport.

  So if you have never watched an NHL playoff series, I suggest you make it a point to watch the Stanley Cup Finals when they come on and treat yourself to an awesome sporting event matched by no other.